Pecan Femto 5a

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Pecan Femto 5a

Post by DL4MDW » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:18 pm

Hi! My name is Pecan Femto 5a. I will take place at the Brno balloon challenge. I actually
originate from Texas, where Pecan nuts are growing. But nowadays we are being built in Berlin. Last
time my predecessor Pecan Femto 4 attended at the challenge using only battries. Due to the bad
weather, he won by sheer luck. Their builders Thomas and Sven never thought he could be that
successful. This time however I try to use my solar cells instead.

At the moment my software isn't quite so efficient as I wanted it to be. So I'm running on 4 solar
cells, run in series. Those solar cells are filling my 6F capacitor. It's actually a little big
but it works for now.

I was meant to be very simple and light weight. My circuit weights just half a gram. My bigger
brother, the Pecan Pico 11b, weights 6 grams already. He will be way too heavy for this challenge.
He offers more features than I do like a camera, a pressure sensor and a power measuing chip.
Although I'm lacking all those features I'm still able to transmit a GPS position using APRS on 2m.

Group: Berliner Luft
Callsign: DL4MDW-11
Frequency: 144.800 MHz
Transmission power: 20 mW
Transmission cycle: 3 min

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